Deliberate Noise Episode January 20, 2020

New, Wintery and Weird

5:00pm - 5:57pm

Punky wintery weirdness that we love and hope you do too. Favourite track today is from Calgary's Slut Prophet (also maybe the best band name ever?) The main floor bathroom of the VAG gets a mediocre review.

Highly recommend:
Tuesday Jan 21: SHINDIG! @ Redgate. Tomorrows competitors: Be Afraid, The Neighbours, Cain Price, KCAR. starts at 8pm! 5 dollar entry.
Thurs Jan 23: Necking, Shady Bug (St. Louis), Maneater @ Redgate
Fri Jan 24: Mixed Gems @ RedGate - Milk, Flat Earth Band, Big City,, group art show in the front gallery.
Sat Jan 25 @ Redgate: Devours / La Neve / DJ Softieshan / Bo Dyp. 9pm 10 dollars
Sat Jan 25: all ages show @ the avant garden - The Sprouts, Electric Blanket,KissyKiss

Track Listing:

Pooched · Tercel
Drama Teen
Jane Don't · Drama Teen
You Can't Ski While It's Raining
Electric Blanket · Don't Ruin It
Winter In the Dark
Jeanines · Jeanines
Cortico · Aeolia
Shady Bug · Lemon Lime
I've Been Waiting for this Moment
Slut Prophet · Pity Party
Smashed Landscape
Mope Grooves · Desire
Sit Down Meal
Dry Cleaning · Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks EP
Sing and Pretty (Pats Pats cover)
Peach Kelli Pop · PKPPP II
Yoon · Wilt
Interlude: Nighttime Nina
Atsea · Bleak tropics
Homemade Candles
Whoop-Szo · Warrior Down
Both Eyes
La Neve · The Vital Cord