Deliberate Noise Episode December 9, 2019

Cuffing Season

5:03pm - 6:03pm

It's that time of year... the days are short, the air is cold, and all we wanna do is find someone (anyone?) with whom to cuddle until its warm again. Whether you've found that person, or reject this season, here's a playlist for you - songs to listen to with bae, or songs to listen to and pretend you've got one. We love you.

This week:
Tuesday Dec 10: Angel Olsen w/ Vagabon @ the Orpheum
Thurs Dec 12: Jo Passed / Dadweed / Little Sprout / Bernie&the Wolf @ Redg8
Sat Dec 14: Woolworm & Sigh @ the Lido (free show!)

Track Listing:

First Floor Apartment
Megamall · Demos
French Kiss
Smithy Ramone · Cursed
Sigh · Images
Good News
Dumb · Dumb EP
Good Guy
Julia Jacklin · Crushing
Lately in Another Time
Loving · Lately in Another Time
New Love Cassette
Angel Olsen · All Mirrors
Full Moon in Gemini
Vagabon · Vagabon
ELIZA · A Real Romantic
Sudan Archives · Athena
Dresser · Dresser
Crumb · Jinx
Norton Commander
Men I Trust · Oncle Jazz
Young Free and Single
Mr Absolutt · YOU EP
Little Bit
Erika de Casier · Essentials