Deliberate Noise Episode December 2, 2019

Weirdly Specific Songs

5:00pm - 6:01pm

Nina loves a good specific title to a song. Clare walked in the door at 6:02 to say hi : )

Coming up this week:
Thurs Dec 5: Maneater / Tonk / Mulch / Thomson & Thompson @ Redg8
Dec 5: French Vanilla w/ Sigh & Divorcer @ the Biltmore. $12
Sat Dec 7: Emma Lee Toyoda / Boreen / Oblomov @ the Black Lab
Sun Dec 8: Corridor w/ Dumb, Novel @ Astoria

Track Listing:

Gloved Hand Holding Caviar
Leather Jacuzzi · Slander, Lies and Soda
Blue Garlic Man
Kamikaze Nurse · Bucky Fleur
How I Wrote Even Flo
Champion Lawnmower · Champion Lawnmower
My Beautiful (Coin Laundry)
Divorcer · Debt Jubilee
Sensitive (Not too Sensitive)
French Vanilla · How Am I Not Myself?
B12 Injection
Gym Tonic · Good Job
I Just Pay Taxes
MAZE · Tour Tape
Spank Patriarchy
Other Jesus · Everything is Problematic
I Moved To Vancouver and All I Got Was This Stupid Nicotine Addiction
Club Sofa · Club Sofa
Chicken Balls
The Bathmats · The Bathmats
Miniature Coronas
Sophie Noel · Sisterly
Canary in a Coalmine
Juliana Hatfield · Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police
Land Where Money's Nightmare Lives
Guerilla Toss · What Would the Odd Do?
Things Not to Say at a Funeral
Heavy Steps · Infinity Rope
Dutiful Harbinger of Insulin
Look Vibrant · Cherish Everything
Thank You For Your Time on Earth
Shitlord Fuckerman · Investigate Loud Earth
Delete My Soup
Peep on Creepin' in the Free World
Hugh Man · Are We Dan, Sir?
Biographies of Worms
Ballet · better after losing losing every time