Deliberate Noise Episode November 25, 2019

New Music Monday

5:04pm - 6:05pm

Monkey Monday? Matzo ball Monday? Macchiatto Monday? If you've been trying unsuccessfully to cure your Monday blues, maybe New Music Monday will do the trick. Today's episode features 19 fresh 2019 punk bangers from all your new favourite bands.

Coming up in Vancouver:
Fri Nov 29: “Helping Our Kwselktn Winter Feast” fundraiser show feat. Nice Apple, Bedwetters Anonymous, Oblomov, Luvgoon @ 253 e hastings. doors at 7pm
Sat Nov 30: the Mint Records ridiculously early xmas party - Tough Age / Dumb / Necking / Supermoon / Kellarissa / Jay Arner @ Red Gate
Sun Dec 8 @ Redgate: Goon / Dead Soft / Brutal Poodle

Track Listing:

I Can't Help But Laugh
O.K.G.B. · Communist Love
Body Count
Gauche · single
Subtle Stallion
Lassie · Gimme A Break Single
DIY Sluts · Everlasting Itch
Angel Face
Knife Wife · Family Party
Sold Out
Dishpit · single
Drag Me Out
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Dumb · Club Nites
Ms. Itnot
Dim Wit · Dim Sh!t
Hana Vu · Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway
Happy Alone
Ellen Froese · Fightin’ Words
My Love Spell
Steph Wall · Walls Plays Hall
Oblomov's Theme
Oblomov · Demos 2019
Ask First
Gender Confetti · We're Gay
Corporate Realness
Dream Nails · single
Goon · Heaven is Humming
Spawn of John (Built Wrong)
Industrial Priest Overcoats · The Years Barely Left A Trace
Purlicue · Dip 'n Dot
Woman Alone
NOTS · 3