Deliberate Noise Episode November 18, 2019


4:59pm - 6:02pm

Nina attempted to make a colourful playlist... but ended up with a lot of blue. Somehow squeezed in 19 whole songs today :0
Denny's bathroom gets a good review.

Track Listing:

Grlwood · I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I Was 12
Laverne · Yarrow
In the Red
Little Kid · might as well with my soul
So Blue
Frankie Cosmos · Close it Quietly
So Blue
Kamikaze Nurse · Bucky Fleur
Luvgoon · Lonely God
Pale Blue
All Things Blue · Doomed to Lose
Blue and Pink
Mike Krol · Powerchords
Sneaks · Gymnastics
Yellow Shirt
Manta Raze · Feelin' Alright
Olive Green
Lonely Parade · The Pits
Red Guitar
Bambies · Red Guitar EP
Color Kill
Patti · Good Big
Paint it, Black
Ciara · Paint it, Black
Red is Blue
Ben Folds · Hoodwinked!
The Bikini Bottoms · Bikiniland
Corridor · Junior
Better in Color
Lizzo · Cuz I Love You
Goonda Gold
Cartel Madras · Age of the Goonda