Deliberate Noise Episode November 4, 2019

Am I Building? Does it Fart?

5:05pm - 6:01pm

Some fresh punk / pop / alternative tracks for the start of the Dark Times (november to march... goodbye sun) featuring some fart facts, from "Does it Fart? A Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence" by Dani Rabaiotti & Nick Caruso. Nina reviews the new Rumpus Room bathroom.

Fri Nov 8: AUTUMN WASTE music waste fundraiser @ red gate. Oblomov / Guppi / Ex-softess / Apollo Ghosts
Fri Nov 8: Twin River / Mr. Merlot / Milk @ the clubhouse (238 east 1st ave)
Sat Nov 9: CITR music department fundraiser @ red gate! Ponytails / Sleepy Gonzales / Kylie V

Track Listing:

Good and Evil
Debby Friday · Death Drive
Mannequin Pussy · Patience
Your Eyes
Ex-Softess · Hollow Ritual
Alex G · House of Sugar
Forward and Back
The Leanover · Portico
Am I Building?
Fly Ball · Ahem
Twin River · Passing Shade
Water Me Down
Vagabon · Vagabon
Cherry Pie
Ponytails · Darlings
Head over Heels (Tears for Fears cover)
Japanese Breakfast · Head over Heels (Tears for Fears cover)
Holy Water
Sylvia Wrath · Agony Klub 6
Industrial Priest Overcoats · Agony Klub 6
So sad, So sad
Varsity · The Basement Takes (2015?-?2016)