Deliberate Noise Episode September 16, 2019

The Last Week You Can Wear Sandals

5:07pm - 5:57pm

Today, Nina and Clare discuss the protocol of putting on music in your workspace, Nina reviews a bathroom at Langara, and the segment What Should I Wear This Week Based on the Weather makes another appearance.

shows mentioned:
Sat sep 28: perfect people (olympia), deep trench (olympia), second narrows, hari legs @ black lab
Sat sep 28: lié, alien boys, sore points, starvation @ eastside boxing club

Track Listing:

Unfound Manifest
Sheer Mag · A Distant Call
Who are we Fooling
Tough Customer · Rockgasm
Soft Stud
Black Belt Eagle Scout · At the Party with my Brown Friends
No Space for Residence
Fake Fruit · No Space for Residence
Something to Do
Vivian Girls · Memory
Look Around the Corner
The Get-Alongs · Good Morning
Girl with a Nose
Home Ec · Better Living
BBQT · Nice View
Perfect People · 2016
Deep Trench · Demo
A Minute of Your Time
Alien Boys · Night Danger
Better Sex
Lié · Hounds
Sailor Moon
Peach Kelli Pop · Peach Kelli Pop III
Everett Bird · Stuck