Deliberate Noise Episode September 9, 2019


5:02pm - 6:07pm

The stars have aligned in such a way that today Clare and Nina present to you a playlist full of astrology themed tunes. Nina gives the astronomy building (Hennings) bathroom a great pooping review. We were gonna do horoscopes but sometimes you just cant fit it all in an hour.

Forgot to mention these things happening this week:
Sep 12: Oblomov / Guppi / Snailgun @ Redg8
Sep 13 and 14: Westward Fest street party in Yaletown. feat Biawanna, Prado, Jo Passed, Phono Pony, Parlour Panther, Missy D + more!!!
Sep 15: The Burning Hell (on tour from St Johns ?) w/ Nice Apple, Megamall, Adrian Teacher (solo) @ Redg8
Sep 16: Sheer Mag @ Biltmore w/ Tweens, Tough Customer

Track Listing:

Dream Nails · Dare to Care
Such a Gemini
Faith Healer · Try
Knife Pleats · Hat Bark Beach
Twist · Distancing
There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)
The B-52's · The B-52's
Scorpio Moon
Mod Con · Modern Convenience
The Tissues · Veil
Always the Same
Rat Kid Cool · Year of the Rat
The Courtneys · The Courtneys II
Winter Song
Virgo Rising · Winter Song
The Family Song
Smokey Robinson · Smokey
Space Junk (Devo cover)
Spacemints · Live Specimens
Peach Kelli Pop · Peach Kelli Pop II
Stellar Feeling
The Prettys · ┬íTapas!
Freaky Star
Fountain · Laughing Through Traffic
Horsepowar · Pisces