Deliberate Noise Episode September 2, 2019

Here we goooo!!!!

5:02pm - 6:01pm

Last day of summaaaa also Deliberate Noise 1 year anniversary! Here, have a bunch of new / local / awesome tracks that we love. Clare gives Budgies Burritos a flaming hot review.

Go to:
Sep 4 @ Lanalous: Skating Polly w/ Jo Passed & Primp
Sep 5 @ Red Gate: Peach Kelli Pop w/ Small Crush & Kylie V
Sep 6: Vancouver tenants Union fundraiser @ Red Gate: Andrew Mulat, Bennyboy, Ya Go Slow (formerly known as Tessy), Nice Apple
Sep 6 @ The Toast Collective: Yoon album release w/ Non La & Laverne
Sep 16 @ the Biltmore: Sheer Mag w/ Tweens & Tough Customer

Sep 13: AMS back to school bbq (LIL NAS X IS PLAYING!!!!!!!!)

Track Listing:

Play House
Skating Polly · The Make it All Show
Millenial Trash Blues
Jo Passed · Their Prime
No Fun
Primp · Mother Loose
Mail Truck
Small Crush · Blush
Big Man
Peach Kelli Pop · Peach Kelli Pop III
Tell Me About It
Nice Apple · This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting
Carson City
Oblomov · Demos 2019
Laverne · Yarrow
Yoon · single
Ring of Fire
Wall of Voodoo · Wall of Voodoo
Jukebox Cutie
Bridal Party · Too Much
Winona Forever · Feelgood
Silver Line
Sheer Mag · A Distant Call
The Message
Cool Flowers · Cool Flowers Album
Love Manic
Alimony · Release