Deliberate Noise Episode July 1, 2019

What are you actually celebrating?

5:00pm - 5:59pm

All Indigenous content today.
There are hundreds of Indigenous communities without clean drinking water; thousands of murdered & missing Indigenous women and girls; Indigenous people are overrepresented in homeless populations and foster care; all this in Canada. Colonialism and genocide are ongoing and we all need to work to decolonize. Read the TRC and MMIWG reports, pay attention to who you are voting for in upcoming elections, support Indigenous artists, and don't blindly celebrate nationalism.

Track Listing:

Broken Bone
Digawolf · Yellowstone
No more Moments · 547
Never Ceded
Homesick · Terra Nullius
Nice Guy
Weedrat · III
Praise to the Faithful
Janel Munoa · Howls from Deep in the Woods
Beatrice Deer · My All to You
In the River
Raye Zaragoza · -
Red Sky, Blue Mountain
Samantha Crain · You Had Me at Goodbye
At the Party
Black Belt Eagle Scout · At the Party with my Brown Friends
Song to a Seagull
Buffy Sainte-Marie · Fire & Fleet & Candlelight
The Jerry Cans · Inuusiq?/?Life
Child of Fire
Sihasin · Fight like a Woman
Under Your Always Light (Howie Beck & Jason Collett Remix)
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson · Under Your Always Light (Howie Beck & Jason Collett Remix)
Elisa Harkins · single