Deliberate Noise Episode June 17, 2019

C'est quoi ça, " punk " ?

5:02pm - 6:00pm

An exploration of the various punk acts that Nina enjoys, and hopes you will too. Plenty of old school punk today. I made the mistake of saying Girlschool was from Vancouver, turns out they're British. Damn!

Track Listing:

Spare Me
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Land of la LA
Sex Stains · Sex Stains
New Taste
Sneaks · Gymnastics
Don't Sleep
Dumb · Club Nites
Half a Time
Divorcer · Debt Jubilee
Security Guard · 5 musical journeys to improve social skills and productivity
Crowd Control
Brutal Poodle · Crowd Control/Low Tide
Never Comes Down
Neo Boys · Sooner or Later
Bad Brains · Bad Brains
Ain't You
Liliput · Ain't You (single)
I Wanna be Sedated
Shonen Knife · Burning Farm
Where Are You
Young Canadians · No Escape
Watch Your Step
Girlschool · Hit and Run
D is for Dog!
Pudding · Pop Over
Laverne · Augustus (single)
Bodega · Endless Scroll
Fall Asleep
Big Joanie · Sistahs
Freak Heat Waves · Freak Heat Waves
C'est Quoi Ça?
Debby Friday · Bitchpunk