Deliberate Noise Episode May 27, 2019

Concert Richness

4:59pm - 6:03pm

There are like 8 million shows and concerts and dance parties happening this summer. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a show! We recommend Music Waste happening June 6-9. Tune in next week for Clare's takeover of the show. :D

Track Listing:

Nice Apple · This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting
Noodles (Again)
Cave Girl · Who's Tired
Spit At You
Corner Boys · Waiting for 2020
10 Feet Deep
The Carols · Honestly, It's the Carols
Dead Meat
Kamikaze Nurse · Bucky Fleur
My Time / I, the Luddite
Bored D├ęcor · The Colour Red
Pudding · Pop Over
Material Beings
Counterfeit Jeans · Good Morning
Don't Wanna
Primp · Mother Loose
Never Figured
David Ivan Neil · Never Figured
Kiss The Mirror
Future Star · Kiss the Mirror
French Kiss
Smithy Ramone · Cursed EP
Luvgoon · Lonely God
Vivaldi My Reptile
Devours · Iconoclast
Heard it Through the Grapevine
The Slits · Cut
Still Exist
Necking · Cut Your Teeth