Deliberate Noise Episode May 13, 2019

No Shade

5:00pm - 6:04pm

Thanks to exxxtra special guest Jacob for stopping by. Thanks for letting us be the soundtrack to your daily commute. Hope this playlist drives everyone bananas in the best way :-)

Track Listing:

Wasterr · Tape A
Nu Blu
BB · X
Rootbeer NZ
Bad Hoo · What is When
Winona Forever · Feel Good
Hard To Know
Nice Apple · Single
Don't Care How Much I Hurt Your Feelings
The Carols · Honestly, It's The Carols
Smoke Signals
Megamall · Demos
Bad Habits
Alimony · Without You b?/?w Bad Habits
Trade Our Sins
The Paranoyds · Hungry Sam
You Wouldn't Like Me
The Beths · Future Me Hates Me
Everything Stays (Rebecca Sugar Cover)
Pukesword · Single
Holy Cow Never Saw A Girl Like Her
Sneaks · Highway Hypnosis
Sneaks · Highway Hyonosis
Swim Team · V
Spread The Germicide - Rerecording
M.A.Z.E. · Tour Tape
Age Of Consent
New Order · Power, Corruption, & Lies
Design Of Success
Freak Heat Waves · Bonnie's State Of Mind