Deliberate Noise Episode May 6, 2019

Public Transit

5:03pm - 6:02pm

Nina misses her bus pass. This one goes out to all the city bus drivers. Special guest Clare shares dramatic bus stories, Nina talks about transit pet peeves (STOP PUSHING ON THE BUS DOORS!!! ITS A MOTION SENSOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Track Listing:

Bus Driver
Imaginary Pants · Imaginary Pants
Rocky Road
Sundae · Sundae
Bus Ride
Keith Ival · All Hail the Quail
Nervous Laughter
B-lines · Opening Band
Bus Money
The Chats · Get This in Ya
Escape the Law
Jerk Jails · Intra Slop
Lies and Excuses
Corner Boys · Waiting for 2020
Cheer Up Camp · Lost Everything/Won Nothing
Bus Driver
Andy & the Dannys · Bus Driver
Twist · Distancing
Waiting for the Bus
Saba Lou · Planet Enigma
Maysun Samples · Public Transit
Greyhound Bus
The Moldy Peaches · The Moldy Peaches
Kristian North · The Last Rock N Roll Record
Another One Rides The Bus
Weird Al Yankovic · "Weird Al" Yankovic
Make the Bus ft Of Montreal
Janelle Monae · The ArchAndroid
Bus Rider
John Swihart · Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack