Deliberate Noise Episode April 8, 2019

This is Dumb

5:04pm - 6:07pm

"I'm so dumb" -Clare just now, April 8 2019. Clare is not dumb. But these band names sure are.
Shoutout to DUMB whose song Barnyard we use as our intro every week. <3 <3 <3

Track Listing:

Vampire Weekend · Sunflower/ Big Blue
Milk · Mattress Ranch
Be Seeing You
Soccer Mommy · Blossom (demo) / Be Seeing You
The Fuzzy Pubes · The Echo Park Fizzle
I'm So Tired
Lonely Parade · The Pits
American Guilt
Unknown Mortal Orchestra · Sex & Food
That's The Moon
The Gregories · Offal Truth
The Strangest Ritual
THE THIS · The Strangest Ritual (single)
Are They
N0v3L · Novel
Take it or Leave it (Strokes cover)
Arctic Monkeys · -
For Jane · Married With Dogs
Lucky Joke
Girlpool · What Chaos Is Imaginary
Human People · Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears
The Rain it Raineth
Dad Thighs · The Ghosts That I Fear
Another Dimension
Ex Hex · It's Real