Deliberate Noise Episode March 11, 2019

One Hour Lost

4:59pm - 6:00pm

[[[TO THE PERSON WHO CAME IN TO THE STATION TO ASK ABOUT THE SONG YOU LIKED: i think it was the one by The Carols!!! hope you see this :^) ]]]
Hellllooooo daylight savings! fresh new tunes for you + discussions about how pretentious N0V3L seem, and how bad the bathrooms in the chemistry building are. Also please enjoy Nina's favourite original soundtrack song "Tree Critter" from Hoodwinked - ABSOLUTE banger.

Track Listing:

Psychedelic Landlord
Bedwetters Anonymous · R U Experiencing Discomfort
High Functioning
Collate · Liminal Concerns
Pivot Fakie
Pardoner · Uncontrollable Salvation
Cave Girl · Not Well, Thank You
Monsoon Rock
Amyl & the Sniffers · Monsoon Rock
Omnipresent Cunt
Feminal Fluids · Split w?/?Johnson From Accounting
Prayer - Punching Nazis
Necia · Prayer - Punching Nazis
The Carols · Honestly, It's the Carols
Nü Blü
BB · X
Take You For
N0V3L · Novel
Swim Team · V
Divorcer · Debt Jubilee
Human Brain
M.A.Z.E. · untitled EP
The Surfrajettes · Party Line / Toxic - Single
Eugene Vampire
Kim Gray · Plastic Memory
Tree Critter
Todd Edwards · Hoodwinked OST