Deliberate Noise Episode January 15, 2019

Proceed With Caution

2:01pm - 3:01pm

Birthdays, pelvic bones, pools and TUUUUUUNES. We got it all.
FYI: NEW TIME SLOT! Deliberate Noise will now air Mondays at 5pm : )

Track Listing:

Up Top
Busty and the Bass · Uncommon Good
Fine · Thanks for Asking
Birthday Bitch · 26
Birthday Party
Lié · Hounds
N0V3L · N0V3L
The Line
Divorcer · Debt Jubilee
The Kappa
Pale Red · Soft Opening
Sacred Cow Hot Dog
Kamikaze Nurse · Sacred Cow Hot Dog
Collate · Liminal Concerns
Double Happiness
Pudding · Pop Over
Don't Talk to Me
Jock Tears · Nasty Boy
Her Reality
Teenage Moods · Turn it Up, Tune 'Em Out
Now or Neverish
Bonnie Doon · Dooner Nooner
Mind Control
Jerk Jails · s/t
Swim Team · V