Deliberate Noise Episode November 27, 2018


2:02pm - 3:04pm

Hannah Hall! Sudan Archives!!! FAOUZIA!!!!!!!!
Go to Mind Offline's EP Release this Friday at Redgate (WITH Club Sofa) and go to the Mint Records Holiday Show this Saturday at the Astoria! ((FEAT. DUMB, LIÉ, FAITH HEALER, NECKING, WOOLWORM, ETC ETC ETC!!!!!!))

Track Listing:

Outer Space
John Maus · Addendum
My Knife
OKGB · single
Disinhibiting Stimuli
Teenage Wedding · The Sophia of Teenage Wedding
Care 'Bout You
Hannah Hall · Hannah Hall Plays Herself
Halo (Beyonce Cover)
Gold Gloom · Fuckin Around
Sudan Archives · Sudan Archives
Bad Dreams
Faouzia · single
Couch Surfin
Club Sofa · Club Sofa
Haven't Hurt Me Yet
Mind Offline · Haven't Hurt Me Yet
Enemies of Friends
Hiccup · Imaginary Enemies
Tough Age · Shame
Dance Forever Die Together
Current Joys · B-sides, Rarities and Demos
Woolworm · Deserve to Die