Deliberate Noise Episode November 13, 2018

I like birds but they scare me

2:01pm - 3:02pm

clare went to tacoma. nina did not. we both saw birds this weekend.

Track Listing:

An Ambulance
Mike Krol · "An Ambulance" b?/?w "Never Know"
Proud Parents · Proud Parents
Tie Yr Shoes
Cruel Sport · Shoelaces
Party Ice
Jock Tears · Bad Boys
Bored Décor · The Colour Red
Jo Passed · Their Prime
Name Escape
Bodega · Endless Scroll
Who Am I Going to Share All This Wine With?
The Garden · Mirror Might Steal Your Charm
Soul Patch
Tough Customer · Darlene
Dumb · Seeing Green
The Loner
Ty Segall · Fudge Sandwich
Find Out
John Maus · Screen Memories
Stop Singing
Necking · Meditation Tape
Hero Worship
The B-52s · The B-52s
Night Cruise
Lonely Parade · The Pits
Social Anxiety
The Courtneys · The Courtneys S/T