Deliberate Noise Episode October 9, 2018

bad radio, good music

2:01pm - 3:03pm

i am a mess but trying my best! heres some great music to distract you from midterms and papers and all the bullshit going on in the world right now.

Track Listing:

Crippling Self-Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence
Courtney Barnett · Tell Me How You Really Feel
Fourth Grade
Smoke Eaters · Bonnybrook Road
Sophie's Dad
Kamikaze Nurse · -
Philosopher's Calling
Crack Cloud · Anchoring Point
Subject · Impressions
Guerilla Toss · Twisted Crystal
The Marching Song
Pointed Sticks · The Vancouver Complication
Boys with Bruises
Jock Tears · Bad Boys
Kanadian Kontent
Booji Boys · Unknown Pleathers
8th Dick
The Shit Talkers · I Scream
Surfin' USA
The Jesus & Mary Chain · Darklands
Cool Flowers · DEMO: Nasty Patterns b?/?w Mistakes
I don't wanna be too cool
Kate Fagan · I don't wanna be too cool
Lonely Parade · The Pits
I am the Meter
Pale Red · Soft Opening
Edible Door
Lithics · Mating Surfaces
Shame · Songs of Praise