Definition Soundwave Episode November 1, 2013

Definition Soundwave - November 1st

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Dent May - Do I Cross Your Mind?-Warm Blanket
Andria Simone - Operator-Good Lovin'
Bjork - All Is Full Of Love-Greatest Hits
The Heavy Blinkers - Crystal Clear-Health
We Are The City - Everything Changes-Violent
Cinema L'Amour - Dropouts-Limitations

Top 5 Songs of the Week:
Washed Out - It All Feels Right-Paracosm
So Young - Paranoia-Secrets
Pat LePoidevin - Hanna, WY-American Fiction
Willis Earl Beal - Coming Through-Nobody Knows
Unwed Mothers - Skeletons-Unwed Brothers

Track Listing:

Do I Cross Your Mind?
Dent May · Warm Blanket
Andria Simone · Good Lovin'
All Is Full Of Love
Bjork · Greatest Hits
Crystal Clear
The Heavy Blinkers · Health
Everything Changes
We Are The City · Violent
Cinema L'Amour · Limitations
It All Feels Right
Washed Out · Paracosm
So Young · Secrets
Hanna, WY
Pat LePoidevin · American Fiction
Coming Through
Willis Earl Beal · Nobody Knows
Unwed Mothers · Unwed Brothers