Definition Soundwave Episode March 7, 2013

Definition Soundwave - March 7th, 2013

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Old Time Machine - Pouring Rain (Old Time Machine)
Beth Orton - Candles (Sugaring Season)
July Talk - Don't Call Home (July Talk)
Bjork - Hunter (Homogenic)
Dirty Projectors - Dance For You (Swing Lo Magellan)
The Invisible - Surrender (Rispah)
Menomena - Pique (Moms)

Top 5 Relaxing Songs of the Week:
Grassmarket - Close To Me (You Are For The Ocean)
Jake Bugg - Slide (Two Fingers)
Jenny Ritter - Weathervane (Bright Mainland)
Kolapore - Where I Belong (Must Be)
Aidan Knight - Singer-Songwriter (Small Reveal)

Track Listing:

Pouring Rain
Old Time Machine · Old Time Machine
Beth Orton · Sugaring Season
Don't Call Home
July Talk · July Talk
Bjork · Homogenic
Dance For You
Dirty Projectors · Swing Lo Magellan
The Invisible · Rispah
Menomena · Moms
Close To Me
Grassmarket · You Are For The Ocean
Jake Bugg · Two Fingers
Jenny Ritter · Bright Mainland
Where I Belong
Kolapore · Must Be
Aidan Knight · Small Reveal