Dave Radio with Radio Dave (on the radio) Episode August 31, 2018

Fringe Preview #3

12:01pm - 1:00pm

Poly Queer Love Ballad, Precious Little, Weirdo (a magician's transformative journey, from socially awkward, to utterly inept). And, it that's not enough, we also preview the International Pop Overthrow festival.

Track Listing:

Let's go
THE VENTURES · Very Best of
Alternative lifestyle haircut
Sara Vickruck, Anais West · Poly Queer Love Ballad cast
Sara Vickruck · Live
Like Penguins Do
Redgy Blackout · Redgy Blackout
Trouble For Sure
We Found A Lovebird · Lobby
Letting Go
nature airliner · Letting Go (Single)
Twin Flames
nature airliner · Cardinal
Tornados - Telstar (stereo)
The Tornados · Telstar