Dave Radio Presents The Eclectic Lunch Episode August 6, 2021

Hiroshima Day (I should have played "Enola Gay")

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Dave blows a perfect song/history tie-in opportunity by NOT playing OMD's "Enola Gay" on the 76th anniversary of the 1st atomic attack. But the rest of the show is pretty good.

Track Listing:

Let's Go
The Ventures · The Very Best of...
Moment in the Sun
Sandra-Mae Lux · Happily Ever Now
Savannah Read · Her
How Easy
Madelyn Read · How Easy
Light It Up
Born on a Wednesday · Western Wind
The Mother in Law
Pat Chessell · I Confess
All the Best
Mike Richter · 100 Block Rock
Little By Little
Lauren Porter · Little By Little
Dew · Tree
Dance Call
Sam Tudor · Two Half Words
Tornadoes · Telstar