Dave Radio Presents The Eclectic Lunch Episode June 18, 2021

Radio for Shut-Ins: I'm Ready For This To Be Over edition

12:00pm - 1:00pm

OK, I've got my second shot. Can we please go back to doing this show from the Radio Station again? Please!

Track Listing:

Let's Go
The Ventures · The Very Best of...
Nicholas Krgovich · This Spring: Songs by Veda Hille
Running Free
Azul Salvaje Music · 100 Block Rock
Light It Up
Born on a Wednesday · Western Wind
That Girl
Elvis Nelson · 100 Block Rock
All the Best
Mike Richter · 100 Block Rock
The Miseducation of River
Tesla Rainbowdancer · 100 Block Rock
A J · 100 Block Rock
Marafon 15
Lalonde · Little Demoed ~ Number 3 Gallery
the Music
Marty Zylstra · Boom Chicka
Tornados · Telstar