Dave Radio Presents The Eclectic Lunch Episode February 5, 2021

Radio for Shut-Ins: FunDrive edition

12:07pm - 1:05pm

We play some of our favourite songs and let you know about some of the other great shows and programmers here at Thunderbird Radio. (that's what the TR in CiTR stands for)

Track Listing:

Let's Go
The Ventures · The Very Best of...
Dave, You're So Suave
Wildroot Orchestra · Vancouver Extract
Little By Little
Lauren Porter · Little By Little
Savannah Read · Patience
How Easy
Madelyn Read · How Easy
Your Heart's My Home
Yukon Blonde · Vindicator
WTFM - Walking Talking Fertile Man
The Judys · The Very Best Of The Judys
You Know That Song
Veda Hille · Silver
Frazey Ford · U kin B the Sun
Electric Spaceman
CLONE · Electric Spaceman
Hazardous Conditions
IsIt Too Late To Apologize
The Oh Wells · Not that Girl from Transformers
Be Like Us
No Fun · Be Like Us
Tornadoes · Telstar