Dave Radio with Radio Dave (on the radio) Episode December 5, 2014

Dave Radio 05-Dec-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Sarah Rodgers Interview 7 min

Track Listing:

everything is geometry · Serialized Decay: an eig omnibus 2009-2012
Let's go
THE VENTURES · Very best of
Let's Put Up The Christmas Tree
Kris Elgstrand · Sad Sack Christmas
It�s Just Not Christmas Without You
Cypress Street Band · Demo
The Vole Trappe Family
Tarantula head · The Deer Council
Funk Schwey · Sh'qweyla - Single
A - The Only One
GBBGs · Demos
sunset strip
big john bates · take your medicine
Burlesque is dead
big john bates · take your medicine
Rudies Don't Care
Rude City Riot · Nothin' But Time
Pedwell · Get That Thing
Stand up
Lara Kroeker · Lara Kroeker
Telstar (stereo)
Tornados · telstar