CULT! at The Ubyssey Episode February 15, 2018

Episode 7: Hot and Spicy stuff

8:52am - 10:06am

We have special episode this week. The Ubyssey’s annual valentine’s ‘Sex Issue’ is out! The theme is honesty, and so we thought we’d dive in seriously and honestly about love, intimacy, relationships, romance and sex.
First up, we have an interview with Sam McCabe and Kate Colenbrander — two of the editors coordinating the issue. They talked to us about the issue, what to expect and how they came up with this year’s theme. Then, we also have a segment called To Be Honest (TBH). A panel of ubyssey staff spoke honestly about about the greatest insights they’ve gleaned from their human experiences.
Finally, we have three fire essays and poems from the issue, read by their writers, sprinkled all over the episode.