CULT! at The Ubyssey Episode November 9, 2017

Episode 3: Feminist Movies Draft/ Wives and Daughters Preview

9:00am - 10:00am

Design editor Natalie Morris wrote an article about the top five feminist movies that get her through midterms and came on the show to talk about it. An esteemed panel of Ubyssey-ers — opinions and blogs editor Emma Hicks, former news editor Emma Partridge and features editor Moira Wyton — joined her to participate in THE UBYSSEY'S 2017 FEMINIST MOVIES DRAFT!!!! And finally, associate professor Jacqueline Firkins, the playwright for UBC theatre's production of Wives and Daughters came on the show to talk about adapting the original novel by Elizabeth Gaskell for the stage and why she felt drawn to the world portrayed in the story.