CULT! at The Ubyssey Episode October 26, 2017

Episode 2: 99 problems, Fashionistas and Memoiras

9:00am - 10:00am

On this episode of CULT!, the supreme cult leader and culture editor at the Ubyssey Sam Dubois graces the team with his presence. Senior staff writer Jack Lamming gives a lecture about bus etiquette, which he wrote about in his piece called "Move to the back of the goddamn 99 bus." Tristan Wheeler, also a senior staff writer, reveals the best-kept secrets on UBC and his article series on the "99 things to do at UBC." Both Jack and Tristan talk about their adventures at Vancouver Fashion Week and the bizarre video they made about it. Features editor Moira Wyton and contributor Julia Burnham talk about the pieces for the Ubyssey's memoir series: "A first period from hell and unlimited ribs at Montana’s" and "Feeling disappointed and alone in first year."