CULT! at The Ubyssey Episode October 12, 2017

Episode 1: Hypebeasts and Mediocre Fried Rice

9:09am - 10:01am

For the inaugral episode of CULT!, Ola talks to various staff members at The Ubyssey about interesting culture articles they have have written recently to orient listeners to the characters that will be regulars on the show. Starting off, Tristan Wheeler talks about his adventures in the Mott 32 — a luxury Chinese restaurant in Vancouver's Trump Tower — an experience which he wrote about in "Review: I betrayed my liberal values for Donald Drumpf’s shitty fried rice" (07:21). Zak Vescera discusses the 30-year-long career of Nardwuar, The Human Serviette and the 20-hour marathon of Nardwuar content that took place at CiTR 101.9FM (as well his own half-decade long bromance with the icon) which he wrote about in "30 Years of Nardwuar: Journalist, musician, and Human Serviette"(19:10) and Jack Lamming takes us on a deep dive of the Hypebeasts and "disgusting" supreme pop-up shop prices which he wrote about in "Supreme pop-up shop made my inner communist weep"(33:17). Finally, Wheeler comes back to rag on lazy Hollywood practices, which he wrote about in "Why do most live-action remakes suck?"(41:54).
CULT! is hosted and produced by Olamide Olaniyan