Crimes And Treasons Episode April 28, 2015

Broadcast on 28-Apr-2015

9:00pm - 11:00pm

sonreal - for the town (mp3)
boosie badazz - retaliation (mp3)
tony mason - no rulez (mp3)
heatwave - stallion (mp3)
horsepowar - fashinably late (mp3)
checkmate - breakfast (mp3)
Luniz - you know (mp3)
DJ 151 - Hood hop (mp3)
lil' bibby ft. lil herb - ain't heard about you (mp3)
Montana of 300 - planet of the apes (mp3)
section boyz - trapping ain't dead (mp3)
know me - stormzy (mp3)
JME - don't @ me (mp3)
Doija V ft. Husalah & Mozzy - Rifles (Die before you try me) (mp3)
stephanie mills - starlight (mp3)
kool john ft. young finess god - can't help myself (mp3)
nef the pharoah - big timin' (mp3)
bricc baby shitro - choppa music (mp3)
berner & b-real ft. scarface - blowed (mp3)
gucci mane ft chief keef - constantly (mp3)
ampichino - wanna be down (mp3)
d-lo - you played me (mp3)
andre nicktina ft. quito - jungle (mp3)
cellski - life is a gamble (mp3)
mac dre - young mac dre (mp3)
the jacka ft laroo - all we do (mp3)
sd - flexin on em! (mp3)
bg knocc out & dre'sta - compton & watts (mp3)
above the law - everything will be alright (mp3)
LNDN DRGS - uza trikk (MP3)
the jacka - snow covered hands (mp3)
the diplomats - the bigge rpicture (mp3)

Track Listing:

summer wit miami
jim jones · mp3
for the town
sonreal · mp3
boosie badazz · mp3
no rulez
tony mason · mp3
heatwave · mp3
fashinably late
horsepowar · mp3
checkmate · mp3
you know
Luniz · mp3
Hood hop
DJ 151 · mp3
ain't heard about you
lil' bibby ft. lil herb · mp3
planet of the apes
Montana of 300 · mp3
trapping ain't dead
section boyz · mp3
know me · mp3
don't @ me
JME · mp3
Rifles (Die before you try me)
Doija V ft. Husalah & Mozzy · mp3
stephanie mills · mp3
Dusted and disgusted
E-40 · mp3
then ya lost
souls of mischief · mp3
can't help myself
kool john ft. young finess god · mp3
big timin'
nef the pharoah · mp3
choppa music
bricc baby shitro · mp3
berner & b-real ft. scarface · mp3
gucci mane ft chief keef · mp3
wanna be down
ampichino · mp3
you played me
d-lo · mp3
andre nicktina ft. quito · mp3
life is a gamble
cellski · mp3
young mac dre
mac dre · mp3
all we do
the jacka ft laroo · mp3
flexin on em!
sd · mp3
compton & watts
bg knocc out & dre'sta · mp3
everything will be alright
above the law · mp3
uza trikk
snow covered hands
the jacka · mp3
the bigge rpicture
the diplomats · mp3