Crimes And Treasons Episode March 18, 2014

Crimes And Treasons Broadcast on 18-Mar-2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

@julesandrebrown & @evianwordflu in the mix

Laberge - Babe
Sango - Nujabes Juke
OFWGTA - Karate Man
I.D.K - Hands on the wheel
Black Zheep - Yesterdays
Cyhi The Prynce - Barry White
Reggie Snow - Black Pancakes
Waldo - purple hearts
zachg - the move
100s ft ice cold perm - inglish outro
outkast - benz or beamer (mix)
schoolboy q - blind threats mix
CHUCK INGLISH FT action bronson - game time
P-LO - going to work
the cool kids - chop
casey veggies - scrafice
euroz - just to do it
logic ft casey - like me
young braised - outside the club (freestyle)
drake - the language (rook milo mix)
curren$y ft smoke dza & fiend & cornerboy p - the usual suspects
rick ross ft kanye west - sanctified
madlib ft freddie gibbs - REAL
TEXAS RIDER - Catch me if you can
Mad Lion - ---
Trinidad James - Rap Game just too funny
Lorn - Hannah
Tyga & Young Thug - Hookah
... - Tokyo Sex Whale
Jon Wayne - Cupids Regime
scotty ATL - my shoes
lil' ugly mane - bitch i'm lugubrious
drof bor - snow white
#X1 - Retrogrades
dizzy wright - killem wit kidness
eddie caine - versace visions
yg - left right
san quinn - such a real nigga
lil b - servin rocks

Track Listing:

Laberge · mp3
Nujabes Juke
Sango · MP3
Karate Man
OFWGTA · mp3
Hands on the wheel
I.D.K · mp3
Black Zheep · mp3
Barry White
Cyhi The Prynce · mp3
Black Pancakes
Reggie Snow · mp3
purple hearts
Waldo · mp3
the move
zachg · mp3
inglish outro
100s ft ice cold perm · mp3
benz or beamer (mix)
outkast · mp3
blind threats mix
schoolboy q · mp3
game time
CHUCK INGLISH FT action bronson · mp3
going to work
P-LO · mp3
the cool kids · mp3
casey veggies · mp3
just to do it
euroz · mp3
like me
logic ft casey · mp3
outside the club (freestyle)
young braised · mp3
the language (rook milo mix)
drake · mp3
the usual suspects
curren$y ft smoke dza & fiend & cornerboy p · mp3
rick ross ft kanye west · mp3
madlib ft freddie gibbs · mp3
Catch me if you can
Mad Lion · Mp3
Rap Game just too funny
Trinidad James · mp3
Lorn · mp3
Tyga & Young Thug · mp3
Tokyo Sex Whale
... · mp3
Cupids Regime
Jon Wayne · mp3
my shoes
scotty ATL · MP3
bitch i'm lugubrious
lil' ugly mane · mp3
snow white
drof bor · mp3
#X1 · mp3
killem wit kidness
dizzy wright · mp3
versace visions
eddie caine · mp3
left right
yg · mp3
such a real nigga
san quinn · mp3
servin rocks
lil b · mp3