Crimes And Treasons Episode February 18, 2014

Broadcast on 18-Feb-2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

The Homeboy Jules - bass beat-mp3
wayne smith - izm skizm-mp3
lil b - fuck em' remix-mp3
Vado - pimpin'-mp3
Teedra Moses - be your girl-mp3
nicki minaj - lookin' ass nigga-mp3
E-40 - money on my mind-mp3
iamsu! - that's my word-mp3
iggy azalea - fancy-mp3
P-Lo - player for life-mp3
Jules - slow beat-mp3
Busy Singal - Well Prepared-mp3
dysfunctional mh - flawless-mp3
Ti - Drunk in Love Remix-mp3
Kayne West - Drunk in Love Remix-mp3
Future - Drunk in Love Remix-mp3
The Weeknd - Drunk in Love Remix-mp3
Omar S - Set it out-mp3
King Louie - Tony-mp3
Don Trip - Still in the trap-mp3
Wiz Khalifa - we dem boyz-mp3
Amblance - Staring Problem-mp3
Dank - Basil Pesto-mp3
PLo - for the love of the money-mp3
Danny Brown - torture-mp3

Special Shout Out to Monica the cat!

Track Listing:

bass beat
jules · mp3
izm skizm
wayne smith · mp3
fuck em' remix
lil b · mp3
Vado · mp3
be your girl
Teedra Moses · mp3
lookin' ass nigga
nicki minaj · mp3
money on my mind
E-40 · mp3
that's my word
iamsu! · mp3
iggy azalea · mp3
player for life
P-Lo · mp3
slow beat
Jules · mp3
Well Prepared
Busy Singal · mp3
dysfunctional mh · mp3
Drunk in Love Remix
Ti · mp3
Drunk in Love Remix
Kayne West · mp3
Drunk in Love Remix
Future · mp3
Drunk in Love Remix
The Weeknd · mp3
Set it out
Omar S · mp3
King Louie · mp3
Still in the trap
Don Trip · mp3
we dem boyz
Wiz Khalifa · mp3
Staring Problem
Amblance · mp3
Basil Pesto
Dank · mp3
for the love of the money
PLo · mp3
Danny Brown · mp3