Crimes And Treasons Episode January 4, 2007

Crimes And Treasons First of 2007 Mix 04-Jan-2007

3:00pm - 5:00pm

We forgot to save out play-sheet, so sorry about that, we usually have all the tracklistenings here.
If you want to know what we played,
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Happy new JYEAH!!!

Track Listing:

Wurved up
Dj Knowone
There is a mother
The Cock and Bull Kid
My Love (diplo remix)
Diplo Vs Justin Timeberlake
Shakin' it up
iplo And The Beatles
Shake it up / We want to fuck you
M-4 Sers
Butlers Theme
SAy What
Still Tippin Remix
Crate Serves
MSN Kurduro Songs
Dj N.K
Dj funk
The elephant song
Dj TEchnics
The Traffic Jam
Stephan Marley
Snoop Dogg