Crimes And Treasons Episode October 26, 2006

Crimes and Treasons VS DJ Q 26-Oct-2006

3:00pm - 5:00pm

This week we had quest Dj Q in to dj, along with mixes from jules, rico uno, and brendan butter. Plus a freestyle from Poxes, live from JAIL. Shout outs to that big pimp "the rain", Ali Bosworth, Edurado, Party Killahs, Go Dumb, my dad looking like Rick-Ross and buying a 96 jeep cheorkee, Hunnies that wear shorts in the rain, and big dj Q.

Chaba Fadela And Cheb Sahraoui, , La Vérité,
Joseaphine Johnny , , Do your thang.,
Rick Ross, , Blow (ft Dre).,
The Willows, , Church Bells May Ring.
johnny cash, , one piece at a time,
Daft Punk, , Emotion,
Belu Davinche, , Ride Together - (Instrumental),
Joseahpine Johnny, , Yea Bad Yea. (ft Baby Boo),
Canada, , Church Bells may run,
Birdman and Lil Wayne, , Army Gunz,
David Bowie, , Ziggy stardust,
Big Bear, , Playa Hatas,
Federation, , Damn,
Rappin 4 tay, , Problems,
Chi Ali, , Maniac Physco,
T.I , , Why You Wanna,
Red hot lover tone, , Give it up,
Bobby Purify, , I'm your puppett,
Ohmega Watts, , Your Love,
Nine, , What you want,
DL frwat T.Y, , Worldwide,
L.Swift, , Ride This,
pharcyde, , runnin,
swv, , im so into you,
de la soul, , ring ring ring ha ha hey hey ,
malcom mclaren, , world famous,
jeru tha dmaja, , the bitches,
raekwon, , incarcerated scarfaces,
the baker bro's jon kennedy rmx, , givson jon kennedy rmx,
jam tronik, , yesterday once again,
worlds , , you gotta be ft.bustah and kanye,
krafty kuts, , trika tech technology,
QQ , , Stookie,
P.S.D, Keak Da Sneak and Mess, , Cuz Cuz ,
Y.S, , Yehh Yahh, Lily Allen, , LDN (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
E-40, , Dumb Hyphy,
Hoodstarz, , Bullshit,
Partners in Crime, , We dont love them ho's,

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Track Listing:

you gotta be ft.bustah and kanye
2 worlds
trika tech technology
krafty kuts
Cuz Cuz
P.S.D, Keak Da Sneak and Mess
Yehh Yahh
LDN (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
Lily Allen
Dumb Hyphy
We dont love them ho's
Partners in Crime