copy/paste Episode June 14, 2018

copy/paste 169: reply hazy, try again

11:03pm - 11:51pm

when you look up at the sky, trying to unlock the secrets of the weather henceforth, sometimes it looks back and says, "reply hazy, try again". at least it does here...

file under: magic 8-ball house

Track Listing:

after that
Yaeji · EP2
Portal Vision (Kali)
Ex-Terrestrial · Portal Vision EP
Far Off (Khotin Remix)
Secret Lover · Lost and Found
Want To Feel
DJ Dats · Allowance Trax
Seminyak Dream
Roza Terenzi · Weakest Link EP
Worldwide Sunshine (In Yr Heart Not The Sky Dub)
Coyote Clean Up · Silk To Dry The Tears
Go For It
Coral Beech · Vacations EP
Aura (Different Approach)
Jump Source · Homeward
Wind Walker (Club House Mix)
DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G · NYC Party Track
Tachyon Dreams
Chordlust · Tactical Modulator
Luca Lozano · Boss Moves