copy/paste Episode March 29, 2018

copy/paste 159: metaphysical therapy

10:54pm - 11:53pm

join me as I get introspective for a moment, with a full ambient set, exploring swirling soundscapes, transcendental textures, dense frequencies, and lucid thought manifestations. music for epistemological explorations of the mind's eye. enter a zone and never return.

file under: ambient, instrumental, experimental

Track Listing:

Special Request · Belief System
Souns · Aquamarine
(Still) Returning
Space Dimension Controller · Gaining Time
The Advocate
In Mirrors · Escape From Berlin
Dedekind Cut · Tahoe
You're Me · Plant Cell Division
To light
Souns · Aquamarine
Pacific Heights
Dan Only · Ambient Parks : Volume 3
Johnny Jewel · Digital Rain
S.O.S. (feat. The Space Lady)
Mark Pritchard · The Four Worlds