copy/paste Episode March 15, 2018

copy/paste 157: physically sick

11:02pm - 11:55pm

It's allergy season, but this time spring comes with a new compilation by Allergy Season the label, and the Discwoman collective. Yes, we've been blessed with Physically Sick 2, a 44-track follow up to last year's Physically Sick comp. I play a bunch of tracks from PS2, as well as a few other new ones that fit the vibe. If you like the tunes, definitely go cop the compilation over at: . it's pay-what-you-want but all proceeds go to the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, an organization that bails people out of jail that are victims of discrimination in policing. kick them a few bucks!

Track Listing:

Short Circuit
Beta Librae · Physically Sick 2
Trip Leader
Unknown Mobile · Sharon & Vida
Der Konig 1-4
Nackt · Silk to Dry the Tears
Tzusing · Physically Sick 2
Yeh Yeh Yeh
Roza Terenzi · The "O.G." EP
Video Jazz
Hieroglyphic Being · The Red Notes
Smoke of the Skunk
LSDXOXO · Body Mods
Pelada · Physically Sick 2
Ziur · Physically Sick 2
5 Years (Part 2)
Matrixxman & Physical Therapy · Physically Sick 2
Sick And Tired Of The Bullshit
Si Begg · Physically Sick 2
Ciel · Physically Sick 2