copy/paste Episode February 8, 2018

copy/paste 154: b2b guest mix by Shehaq + Konstantin

11:02pm - 12:00am

New party-series-turned-music-collective Beatsolow are getting ready to drop their debut release, a compilation of tracks by the three producer-housemates. Time for a guest mix! Konstantin and Shehaq show up for a b2b mix that's less b2b and more dual operators on the decks. Impressive stuff. The mix itself is entirely Beatsolow, unreleased and premiered right here on copy/paste. These guys are gonna be turning heads on the dancefloor soon enough, best to get a head start with this mix right here.

Keep up with Beatsolow:

And hear them in person at their compilation release party next weekend!

Track Listing:

Folk Like Us · [unreleased]
Old World
Konstantin · Timbre
I Need The Beat
Konstantin · [unreleased]
Dreaming of Loops
Folk Like Us · [unreleased]
The Forgotten Mangrove
Konstantin · [unreleased]
Lead Therapy
Shehaq · Timbre
Konstantin · [unreleased]
Mist of Sand
Konstantin · [unreleased]
MI DI · Timbre
Positive Mind
Konstantin · [unreleased]