copy/paste Episode February 1, 2018

copy/paste 153: superbluebloodmoon

11:02pm - 11:55pm

did you catch that superbluebloodmoon tuesday night? no? well relive the magic on copy/paste, with a mix inspired by the rare celestial event. extraterrestrial radio. moon vibes. equal parts serene and exhilarating.

file under: ambient, dub techno, chaos club, planetary rhythms, space

Track Listing:

Nosaj Thing · Parallels
Blitz Und Geht (ft. Lukepi)
Facechain · Accensor
Coarses · Temple Steps
Crystal Clearing
Jade Statues · My Blade
I Look Like I look in a Tinfoil Mirror
Call Super · Arpo
Dimitri Veimar · Agung
body of light
CMD · lycan disco
Clarian · Ankh
Off World
Benjamin Damage · Montreal
Textasy · Off The Leash
Search. Reveal.
M.E.S.H. · Hesaitix
Ptite Zelda
RAMZi · Peze-Piton