copy/paste Episode November 23, 2017

copy/paste 146: patience, a virtue

11:03pm - 12:00am

I been eying this one Paul Johnson record on discogs for months, waiting to pull the trigger, but never quite getting there. this past wknd, deep in a crate at a record fair across the city, my patience (frugality?) is rewarded with a copy calling out my name. it's track 1 in this (almost) entirely vinyl mix, hope you like it as much as I do.

Track Listing:

Freaks In Front
Paul Johnson · 11P.M. Music / 2A.M. Music
Something About You
D. Tiffany · Blue Dream
Ice Breaker
Shigeto · The New Monday
Burger Trip
DJ Fettburger · Mongo Fett
Bafana Bafana ft. Themba Manganyi
Tshetsha · Jiaolong 010
Take It To The Edge
Jack J · Looking Forward To You (MH007)
Puzzles In Life
Legowelt · Los Alamos Motel EP
Take Me To The Dark
Octo Octa · More Times EP
I Want You Girl
Two Dogs In A House · Dogs Anthem
Is It Dry?
Project Pablo · Hope You're Well