copy/paste Episode May 4, 2017

copy/paste 122: thesummermix

11:00pm - 11:59pm

seems like about the right time for the official copy/paste summer mix, yea? I'm back on deck duty with a beach-friendly mix of effervescent house and invigorating disco, including a couple timeless picks from the record collection... summer is in the air!

Track Listing:

One Million Brazillian Dollars
Body-San · Shining The Money Ball
Diskomix (Disko Version)
Danny Boy · Selectors 002
Dvote (Bank Holiday Edit)
Florist · Dvote
Living In Ecstasy (Rennie Foster Edit)
BKS · Living in Ecstasy (Rennie Foster Edit)
Everything ft. Claudia Fontain
Triple A · [white label]
To Say
Jacques Greene · Feel Infinite
Extra Time
Lrusse · Part Of The Plan
Marquis Hawkes · Sweet Temptation
Back For More
Ron Bacardi · Ron Bacardi Edits
Macumba Walele (A Better Days Mix)
Africanism · Macumba Walele 12"
Fever Dream
Octo Octa · More Times EP
Sonny and Ricardo Give Good Advice
DJ Overdose, Willie Burns · Sonny and Ricardo Give Good Advice