copy/paste Episode March 9, 2017

copy/paste 114: FUNDRIVE 2017

11:00pm - 12:00am

It's Fundrive time at the station, where CiTR raises money from you, dear listeners, to help keep the station running. And this year specifically, we would love for you to help Shape Your Media. In 2016, more than ever before, we all became painfully aware of how the interests of large media institutions can become completely disconnected from the needs of the public, and just how devastating an effect it can have on the social, cultural, and political fabric we must now live through. I truly and honestly believe that the best way to combat this corruption of media practices is to listen to and support community-driven media outlets that are not only responsive to the communities they are embedded within, but also give voice to those community members, bringing them into the media fold directly. And here in Vancouver, nobody does that better than CiTR Radio. In every single media environment, without exception, content is responsive to the processes that fund it. If you are funded by advertising, you are beholden to advertisers and click-throughs. If you are funded by a wealthy individual, you are restrained by their ideas. There is no such thing as independent media, because, by definition, media is translating thoughts and ideas from one person to another. Without audience, there is no media. But that's not a bad thing! By funding ourselves with your donations, we at CiTR are allowing ourselves to be accountable to you, the community we serve. And I think that is a radically powerful idea. If you agree, I would love to see you support our fair station, CiTR. Thanks for reading, I do it all for you.

Track Listing:

Millenial Experts
Holy_Intruder · American Gowan
Gain Wah
Mikey J. Blige · Chapel Sound Compilation Vol. 2
whips like angelina ft. Hubbo, 4K RAWW
bRoDiE bOnEs · CODY
Jayda G · Jaydaisms
Up Up (Slammin' Vers)
DJ Zozi · Mellow Vibe
Oot Re Mi
You're Me · Plant Cell Division
Excursion 909
Elka · Chants
Kali Yuga
Lnrdcroy · Ooze City
Pink Hues, Bad News
Slim Media Player · Rhythms of the Pacific Volume 3
Crete Is Calling
Minimal Violence · Night Gym
sunrise requiem (Rennie Foster's Sun Ritual)
the passenger · sunrise requiem