copy/paste Episode March 2, 2017

copy/paste 113: ghost in the machine guest set

11:02pm - 12:01am

very special episode of copy/paste this week, as brand new techno collective Ghost In The Machine stops by the studio for a lil chat and a big guest set. We talk about the origins of GITM, the state of vancouver's techno scene, and the collective's first show this weekend, bringing in the prolific industrial techno duo Orphx. Then LVT takes us through a showcase of GITM sounds, including the radio premiere of new music by GITM member KAFKA, and a whole bunch of Orphx tunes to get you in the mood for the show coming up saturday, march 11. don't sleep:

Track Listing:

VROMB · Chorégraphie
Acronym · Entangled In Vines
Cracktest Edit
Orphx · Division EP
Random Brown NE-555 Mix
Deadbeat · Random Brown EP
Judas Cradle
Uncto & Orphx · Pain Remixes
KAFKA · [unreleased]
ASC · Internal Software EP
Orphx · Traces EP
VROMB · Emission Pilote
Orphx · Black Light
KAFKA · Dnepr_Vancouver 1.0
Death of Real [Version]
Aurora Halal · Shapeshifter
Orphx · Boundary Conditions
Crystal Moon
ASC · Zone Of Avoidance