copy/paste Episode December 8, 2016

copy/paste 103: ugh...

11:09pm - 11:59pm

it's been a tough week in the dance music world. We all feel for the friends and families that lost their loved ones in the Oakland fire that claimed 33 lives last Friday. It is especially important to reflect on the situation in which this occurred; that is, in an underground artist space, not unlike many of the venues and work spaces that are scattered around every major city in North America. In Oakland specifically, the mayor has launched a $1.7M fund to create artists spaces that are not only socially safe, but structurally safe as well. This is a huge step forward and I truly hope every city with a thriving underground culture does something similar. Vancouver has started this process already, but could certainly stand to expand its program.

This week on copy/paste, to honour the legacy of the artists we lost in the fire, I play my favourite tracks from them to start the show, and move the mix into some real mood supporting music to round out the mix. This is music for remembrance.

Track Listing:

Temporary Heaven
Introflirt · Temporary Heaven
Thin Line (feat. Maria Minerva)
Cherushii · Memory of Water
Full Coat (feat. CM-4)
NACKT · Virex
Joey Casio · Daybreak / Ignite
Final Bounce (Neo Image remix)
Florist · Phenomena EP
Do It Like Hip Hop feat. Moka Only (Classic Mix)
Rennie Foster · Do It Like Hip Hop
Girl Talk
Minimal Violence · Night Gym
You Cannot Kill A Soul By Killing The Body (live at Moogfest)
Paula Temple · #savefabric
Zomby & Burial · Ultra
Voodoo Moon (Thomas Von Party cover)
CAR · #savefabric