copy/paste Episode November 3, 2016

copy/paste 98: guest mix by DETUNE

11:00pm - 12:02am

DETUNE's in the studio for a guest mix, all the way from Belgium. He just dropped his debut EP on the RF label, and this mix is a rock solid showcase of versatile sound. Brand new tunes, some classics, some unreleased exclusives, and hot shit yall should be dropping in your record bags.

Track Listing:

Scanning Fresh Memories
Jace Syntax · Scanning Fresh Memories EP
Hills Theory ft. Sarah Elizabeth Charles (Waajeed Edit)
Timeline · [forthcoming 4EVR 4WRD]]
DETUNE · Look Touch Feel Listen
Melodymann · Melodymathics 5
Fierce Methodology (DETUNE remix)
Rennie Foster · Fierce Methodology
Expresso in Detroit
Los Hermanos · Descendants of the Resistance
Silicone Soul · The Seven Day Weekend
Little Helper 175-1
Rennie Foster · Little Helpers
Hazy Bliss
Mister X · Unbalanced EP
DETUNE · Look Touch Feel Listen
The Hold Up (DETUNE remix)
Melodymann · The Hold Up EP
Shed 8 (Summer on the Isle)
Timeline · [forthcoming 4EVR 4WRD]
Family Affair (Orlando's house mix)
Sly & The Family Stone · [unreleased]
Good (DETUNE remix)
Trish Van Eynde · [forthcoming Electric Arts Rec]