copy/paste Episode October 20, 2016

copy/paste 96: saturation point

11:02pm - 11:57pm

in music production, proper use of saturation can make a good track great. but if you love that dirty lo-fi sound like me, there's no such thing as too much. here's a mix of tuff trax that turn that saturation up to 11. lots of brand new stuff too. careful with your ears.

Track Listing:

Italian Cinema
Carla dal Forno · You Know What It's Like
Jonny (feat. Jonny)
Powell · Sport
Nimbus (Tomi's Pad Mix)
Khotin · Rhythms of the Pacific Vol. 3
Alarm (Chirp Mix)
LA-4A · I Feel Lit
Rondell Adams · Threshold To Madness
Vin Sol · Instinct
My Feeling (Coyu Remix)
Charlotte de Witte · Sehnsucht
The Worker
Azari & III · Lost Express EP
Night Gym
Minimal Violence · Night Gym
I Don't
Visionist · SATURATE!
Total Loss No Feeling