copy/paste Episode September 1, 2016

copy/paste 89: second chances

11:00pm - 12:01am

Last week was wild. Things went wrong all over the studio. It was not pretty. But perhaps fortuitously, the podcast didn't package properly either, so there's not much record of that night happening at all. Did it? No idea. But hey, I'm here every week, so why not give this another go? This week's mix is last week's mix, but better in every way. We've got a bunch of Vogue-inspired tunes, and house that bangs out the low end.

Track Listing:

Some Type Of Way
Gregg Evisu XL · Qweendom
Girl Unit · QUEEN B
The UH Track
Wheez-ie · Questionable Taste
Freestyle 4 (Remix)
All Day
Gingy & Bordello · Saturday Night Fervor
Virginia · Fierce For The Night
I've Always Liked Grime
Mall Grab · Menace II Society
Currently Playin
Complete Walkthru · Complete Walkthru
Dinamo Azari · Estranged
Up In It
BSMNT · Retired
You Can't Deny
Jacques Greene · You Can't Deny
Blondes Have More Fun (The Black Madonna Immaterial Girl Remix)
Tiga · Blondes Have More Fun (The Black Madonna Immaterial Girl Remix)
Never Let Go (feat. Shanna Jae) (Aden RMX)
Mickey Oliver · Never Let Go