copy/paste Episode July 28, 2016

copy/paste 85: house for hot dayz

11:00pm - 12:00am

title says it all.

Track Listing:

All City
Fold · AUS100
Bend It Break It
Policy · A Good Run
Beaubien Dream
Project Pablo · Beaubien Dream
MI DI & Autonomy · (unreleased)
No No No
Dan White · NRML017
100 Dollars (Edit)
Cliff Lothar · All It Takes
I'm So Glad (Satisfied Mix) (feat. Jocelyn Brown)
Marquis Hawkes · Social Housing
Menace II Society
Mall Grab · Menace II Society
Valentine's Groove
KiNK · Valentine's Groove
Saturday Night Fervor
Gingy & Bordello · Saturday Night Fervor
Fierce For The Night · Fierce For The Night